The world's first and only minimally invasive platform for the Laminoplasty procedure.

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For spine surgeons who believe in minimally invasive surgery, Spectrum Spine offers spinal solutions that minimize soft tissue damage and give the body its best chance at recovery.

Spectrum Spine’s first FDA Cleared product delivers on that mission with the Bridge™ tubular approach Laminoplasty system, designed to preserve nerve, vasculature and muscle tissue, reduce operative complications and restore pain-free function. This is the world's first and only minimally invasive platform for the Laminoplasty procedure, and promises to move Laminoplasty from the inpatient to the outpatient setting, with better pain and function outcomes, lower rate of infection and re-operation, and less narcotic usage.

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Patented and FDA Cleared Spectrum Technology

“The biggest problem with the laminoplasty procedure is that it requires a very large and destructive incision over many levels of the spine which can cause many problems. “

BRIDGE™ Laminoplasty System

BRIDGE™ Laminoplasty System

The existing laminoplasty procedure typically mandates a 3- to 4-day hospital stay, is incredibly painful, and strips all the muscle from the spine in a large region.
How The BRIDGE™ Laminoplasty System Works

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Info on these and other IP portfolio in investor section; accredited investors can access more info through our investor portal.


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Dr. Jim Robinson


Phil R. Powell

VP of Sales

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Sr. Scientific Advisor
Spectrum Spine Press Release

Our Latest Press Release

Spectrum Announces Acquisition of Unique Surface Technology for Spinal Trauma

Spectrum Spine acquires highly unique, exciting surplus technology and begins spinal trauma operations.

ATLANTA, June 2, 2021 -- Spectrum Spine, spinal device supplier and leader in the development of spinal surgical device inventions, announced that it has acquired a highly unique and proprietary surface technology for spinal trauma and has begun operations with the device.

BIOBraille™ is a state-of-the-art surface technology with 14 related patents, exclusively licensed to Spectrum Spine. It integrates prescriptive laser technology and is designed to improve patient outcomes in spinal operations.

"We are thrilled to add this game-changing, proprietary technology to the Spectrum Spine portfolio of innovative spinal implants and pleased to have the opportunity to bring Dr. Ganey's brilliant work to clinical implementation."

Dr. Jim Robinson, Spectrum's founder, and Chief Technical Officer.

 This unique surface technology will be added to Spectrum Spine's portfolio of spinal solutions that includes the Bridge™ MIS tubular approach Laminoplasty System, designed to preserve nerve, vasculature, and muscle tissue, reduce operative complications, and restore pain-free function. With this acquisition, Spectrum Spine will continue to provide patients with better pain and function outcomes and lower infection and re-operation rates.

The technology holds great promise to provide unsurpassed bone growth activation in spinal and orthopedic devices that may reduce inflammation, speed the process of strong and durable fusion, and lead to superior outcomes for patients having spinal surgery.

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